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Children's camp "Aurora + Children" is an excellent vacation for children, communication with peers and nature, intellectual and active games, creative contests, events, as well as unforgettable feelings.

The summer camp "Aurora + Children" was created with the aim of developing creative abilities in a child and realizing the creative potential of an individual.

During the summer holidays, parents have a unique opportunity to organize their children's rest in such a way that the children can both relax from the school, and the discover their creative abilities with the subsequent development.

On the one hand, the camp is a way of organizing children's free time, on the other it is a space for health recovery, the development of artistic, technical and social creativity. These functions are performed by the summer camp "Aurora + Children".

Сhildren’s camp:

— The main part of the camp are students of 7-15 years.
— Professional teachers with at least 5 years of experience in educational institutions.
— Hotel employees: general manager, administration, service staff, restaurant employees, security service.

Before the camp starts, a lot of preparatory work is carried out with the hotel staff and teachers.

The goals of our summer camp:

  • Creation of the necessary conditions for the development of communication skills in children with peers and adults;
  • Discover of the internal potential and self-realization of each child and adolescent in individual and joint activities;
  • Formation of skills of self-discipline and self-organization;
  • Introduction to a healthy lifestyle;
  • Broadening the outlook of children and adolescents through the initiation to the culture and nature of Issyk-Kul;
  • Making children’s pastime more entertaining, rich, beneficial for physical and mental health.